About us

CrescerSer is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity with a national scope, born in 1986.


7 Temporary Shelter Centers were created, divided between children from 0 to 12 years old, boys from 12 to 18 years old, and recently, for young girls.

For who?

Children and young people deprived of their family environment, victims of violence, etc.


Promote, organize and streamline community services to support children, young people and family within society
Stimulate specialized training in the areas of protection, refuge and monitoring, for technicians linked to the issue of children and young people in danger.

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Mission, vision and values

Promote and publicize the rights of Children and Young People. Welcoming abused children and putting their life project and autonomy into perspective with them and their families
We imagine a world where all Children and Young People have all their Rights recognized and guaranteed.
Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children and Young People;
Pursuing the Best Interest of each Child/Youth;
Give priority to the family solution by promoting Positive Parenting;
Respect the useful time of the Child and Youth;
Ensuring the quality of care for each child/young person;
Promote innovative and creative solutions in favor of Children/Youth;
Promotion of Autonomy and Community Insertion of Children/Young People;
Promote openness to the community and contribute to social development.

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Head quarters

Costa do Castelo, nº5 - R/C
1100 - 176 Lisboa



Phone: 218 800 610

Mobile Phone: 962 133 050 / 51

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